Meet the Characters

Illustrations by Liana Wall and Marc Wall

(Book 1: Believe and you shall find)


Enchandream Wood

The forest where all magic is created. Here we also find The River of Wonders, the Willow Tree Palace and The Evermore Oak Tree.


The Little Winged Hummingbird


The Lost Mermaid


The Leprechaun From Rainbow Valley


A Grumpy Troll

The Magical Calming Tree

Selina's Bedroom Inside The Willow Tree


Selina (Queen of the Fairies)

Selina is beautiful, kind, and powerful. She is loved by all the creatures who live in Enchandream






The eldest of the fairy princesses of hope. She loves the colour purple.








The fairy princess of courage, she is very brave and protects her sisters. She loves the colour turquoise









The fairy princess of love, she is very kind, caring, and loveable. She loves the colour red/pink


The fairy princess of truth she is very shy and quiet but has the power to see the humans. She loves the colour white




The youngest and smallest of the fairy princess, but with the biggest ambitions. She is the of fairy of dreams. She loves the colour yellow.


Sidekick to Sparkle. A very silly ladybird who always flies into things. Very adventurous and loves playing games. A very good loyal creature to Selina and Enchandream.


Protects and helps Glow. Goldie use to be Selina's horse before she came queen. A very trusted member of the kingdom and to Selina.


The prince of the pixes. He falls in love with Tinsel

Aoife and Eva

King and Queen of the Pixies. Flynn is their son and heir.

Wise Owl

Selina's guide and helpful member. He knows everything about Enchandream and is the highest creature to live there. Selina and him work together for Enchandream.


A human from the other world. She is a beautiful little ballet dancer and the first human to meet the fairy princesses when they travel to her world.

(Book 2: Believe and you shall achieve)