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The Magical Fairy Wish Pots











Have your own Wishing Well Fairy Wish Pot to hang on your door or place by your bed.

The bells are the fairies way to make sure the wish comes true

-   Collect them all with their magical power spells

£4.99 each  + FREE P&P

or collect them all below


Hope - Sparkle


Courage - Glitter
“Hope is something special we need;
Sparkle is here for you.
Look forward to things, be positive,
that all will soon come true.
Hope is found within your heart
and also in your mind.
Keep believing, keep it strong,
and happiness you shall find.”

"Hello, my name is Glitter;

I dance high on my toes.
I bring courage here for you,

take it wherever you go.
Do not be afraid of anything,

you have your mind and spirit,
The strength that guides you in your soul,

listen and you will hear it”


Love - Tinsel

"Hello, my name is Tinsel,

I love to smile and I'm filled with  love,
I care for those around me,

in the world and stars above.

My friends and all my family,

I tell them “I love you.”
I have opened my heart to love,

and the wonders it can do.”


Truth - Twinkle

Dreams  - Glow

“Princess Twinkle is my name

and truth is all I say,
Always say what is true and right,

each and every day.
Keep your promises and mean your words,

open and honestly.
Otherwise, you will regret it,

and it will end in an apology.”

“Hello, my name is Glow,

I'm bright like sunshine yellow.
I have lots of dreams, especially at night,

when I rest my head on my pillow.
I want to be the best fairy;

I have the desire you will see.
I want you to always know,

you can be anything you want to be.”

Beliver - Tilly the Ballerina

“Believe and you shall find,

you have the magic to achieve anything.”

Collect them all
All 6 Glitter Wish Pots  in your very own treasure fairy box to keep by your bed, window or dressing table



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