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-Liana Wall, Author -

LIANA WALL comes from a dance and musical theatre background. As a popular teacher of dance
and ballet to children for 18 years, she encourages the development of their dance imagination
through fairy-tale dancing stories. Having been a professional performer, Liana has often played the
lead role in musicals, has enchanted as Cinderella in many a pantomime, and has been a popular
princess for children’s parties and events. Liana achieved the Majors Pride Award in her hometown
of St Albans for her dance and commitment to the community. Still living in her hometown of
Hertfordshire, Liana’s dream is to create a Wishing Well Collection and is excited for her debut
book which aims to inspire, support and encourage the young reader.

All is Well

Liana Wall

Author’s thanks.


This tale of Enchandream is my first book in this collection. The inspiration came from a very unfortunate and devastating time of my life after losing my wonderful father to a stroke back in 2015.

I had to pack up everything, leaving my old world behind me to go and live with my grandmother, and yet through this difficult and painful time, from deep within me I found the motivation to keep myself strong, finding the light, and I was able to embrace my inner strength.

The reason why I have named this story the ‘Wishing Well Collection’ is due to my father. During the course of his life he would always message me to update me about his health and inform me how he was keeping with three simple words: “all is well”. Writing this tale with these three words in mind, has been the comfort and support that I have carried with me and kept alongside me from my father during difficult moments.

I realised that now this is the time in my life, where I too can inspire others during their hard stages in life. I want to be able to encourage and embrace the positivity and love that each of you can achieve in any situation.  

The reason behind the tales of these fairies that you are about to meet, comes from my background as a ballet teacher. The imagination of fairy-tales and magic came very naturally to me and I have used it in every dance class that I have taught. It has been built-in me from a child. My mother, who I also sadly lost from cancer back in 2018, was the biggest fan of fairies and enchantment you could have ever met.

Still to this day, I adore the fairy-tale world and the fascination it brings to me.

And although my time with my parents has sadly been short-lived, I was fortunate enough to have parents that made my childhood and upbringing so dream-like and magical; without them, I would not have been able to create such a world of inspiration, imagination and positivity that I can now share with you.


I dedicate this book to:

My father, Michael Wall who was, and always will be, my strength and positivity.

To my mother, Sonia Wall, the loveliest, most enchanting woman, I will ever know.

To my grandmother, Sheila Wall, the most inspiring lady and Queen of my family.

Thank you all for being part of me as I write, and now share, these tales for you - The Wishing Well Collection.